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Author Topic: Greencoin has a bold lead developer indeed  (Read 2038 times)


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Greencoin has a bold lead developer indeed
« on: September 11, 2014, 08:37:31 PM »
AM's post on the bitcointalk greencoin thread having received a misplaced personal message from ncsupanda:

Hey there,

I'm the lead developer of GreenCoin. The investors backing GRE are interested in purchasing your coin so that we can change our name to Carbon Coin.

Please contact me regarding the matter.

Thank you.


With the greatest respect I had already been active on the Carboncoin for about 4 months when Biodieselchris decided to get you to throw up Greencoin in July, very largely using the same rhetoric I originally posted on the thread I started, which he actually posted on calling us worthless, before you come back to me with anything about the originality of your idea...

wow - MC of $12k. Totally worthless.

@Chris that's about where you are now isn't it?

Carboncoin is still very much a going concern with an active community, as it was long before your project started. I am actually trying to help the environment with what we are doing here - we have had only very modest backing at this stage, and have achieved what we have as me working full time for 6 months on no income with a lot of help from the community, because we believe in what we are doing and believe we might be able to have a positive impact on the problem of soaring carbon emissions.

Anyone wishing to support us or invest should send me a personal message and I will initiate direct contact with them. Alternatively you can visit our website and forum to find out more about joining the movement.

The existence of Greencoin does absolutely nothing to help me, my project/community or, to my mind, the environment (if you would like me to highlight some of the flaws in your model from an environmental perspective then please let me know) ; the fact that you would send me a personal message to ask to purchase the name of our active cryptocurrency and environmental project, Carboncoin, is frankly outrageous (if not somewhat delusional) and irritating to the point where it has actually caused me to venture onto your thread for the first time, in spite of having been well aware of what you've been doing since your and Chris' launch 2 months ago.

If your investors wish to have some exposure to Carboncoin without helping with infrastructure you might refer them to our online media presence or any of the several exchanges we are listed on.

You are welcome to come and help with what we are trying to do here at any point. It strikes me that having someone with your energy active over here would be of great value to our environmental objectives. I am totally open to a collaboration, but it is Carboncoin as it is now and shall continue, and the structure that I have designed and implemented personally, which will have the impact needed by everyone on the environment.